We Love Horses

Like most horse-lovers, we really care about the welfare of these magnificent animals.
So much so that we decided to carry out research into Laminitis, a condition that can be a very difficult to treat succesfully.

Laminitis produces conditions that can be distressing for both the horse and its owner.
Our research focused on more natural treatments for the disease and resulted in the development of the award-winning LaminTec 5-HT, a supplement that has been used world-wide to help alleviate the symptoms of Laminitis.

Healthy Horses

it can be difficult to maintain the health of your horse in today’s world, but here at Pegasus Equine Diagnostics we are constantly evaluating and researching natural ways of maintaining and improving their quality of life. Our flagship products have proven very popular with horse owners with glowing testimonials about the results obtained from regular use.

We do not claim that our products can treat or cure any medical condition, but they are marketed as aids in the maintenance of the general healthcare of horses and other anmals.


LaminTec 5-HT

The natural answer to promoting healthy circulation in horses


MoveTec 2-KE

The natural answer to free movement

Product Comparison
LaminTec 5-HT MoveTec 2-KE
Natural Ingredients
Maintains Healthy Circulation
Healthy Hooves
Healthy Joints
Healthy Muscles
Easy to use
Good Value


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