LaminTec 5-HT™

PED is now proud to announce the launch of a new and unique product, to be distributed by Battle Hayward and Bower Ltd: LaminTec 5-HT™. An innovative equine feed supplement, LaminTec 5-HT™ supports normal circulation to the hoof and its capillary bed.


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LaminTec 5-HT

The natural answer to promoting healthy circulation in horses

LaminTec 5-HT™ contains a unique ingredient (feverfew herb) standardised so that the same chemicals of the herb are available in every pot you buy, unlike many other products where the quality varies from tub to tub.

  • Can be fed all year round.
  • Different from other products – backed by published science – includes a unique natural ingredient, ground feverfew herb. No current equine supplement has this ingredient.
  • May be helpful for the ‘good doer’, fat cob, Shetland, Shire or other types of horse which put on weight easily.
  • Feverfew is known to help body systems and assist in maintaining healthy circulation.
  • Easy to use and good value (over 1 months supply per pot).
  • Trialed with veterinary clients and horse sanctuaries.
  • Flavoured with natural aniseed – very palatable to the horse.

LaminTec 5-HT™ is an innovative equine feed supplement quite different from other products which may supply a ‘missing nutrient’ or concentrate on the hooves. It is designed to help maintain the balance of key substances inside the horse’s body and therefore maintain a healthy circulation, including blood flow to the hoof and its capillary bed. LaminTec 5-HT™ recently won a BETA International 2010 Innovation Award (Feeds & Supplements category).

The company has had an excellent response from customers after using LaminTec 5-HT.

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