LaminTec 5-HT FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about LaminTec 5-HT™

Nearest retailer

LaminTec 5-HT can be purchased directly from P.E.D. Ltd Web Site.

For an up to date list of the closest retailer to you that stocks LaminTec 5-HT™ please call our distributor, Battle, Hayward and Bower Ltd. on 01522 529206/01522 541241.

In terms of outside the UK, there a couple of mail order companies which ship overseas; one of which is Horse and Rider ( 0044 (0) 114 268 2523. For further companies like this please contact BHB Ltd on the above number. The RRP of LaminTec 5-HT™ is £32 for over a months supply.

Introducing LaminTec-5HT™ into your horse’s diet

LaminTec-5HT™ is an all natural powdered product that contains soya flour and aniseed as well as its unique ingredient. Start by feeding half a scoop once a day for the first week mixed in with normal concentrate feed (a handful of sugar beet or similar is fine if the horse does not receive a feed). Increase to half a scoop twice a day for the next few weeks and observe the horse. Increase to the one scoop twice a day, if required.

Recommended Feed Levels

The recommended amount of LaminTec-5HT™ is one 15ml scoop (included in pot) twice a day mixed in with normal concentrate feed (a handful of sugar beet or similar is fine). You can feed a Shetland pony the same amount as a Shire horse because of the way feverfew supports the circulation, e.g. there are similar numbers of blood platelets in all sizes of horse.

LaminTec-5HT™ with other supplements

Many of the horse owners who have contacted us are feeding their animals different combinations of drugs and supplements. Unfortunately due to the vast number of supplements, prescribed medication and the different combinations in which they are given, it is difficult to test LaminTec 5-HT™ with all of them. We recommend making any change to a horse’s regime gradually (with the advice of professionals, where appropriate) and to decrease the number of feed components to a minimum, where suitable, so that interactions between these components and their effects may be more easily ascertained. Please note that no adverse effects have so far been reported to us regarding horses and ponies being given the LaminTec-5HT™ supplement.

How long will it take to notice a change?

It depends on your horse and its body chemistry; a month to several months. Please be advised that LaminTec-5HT™ supports the horse internally, helping to maintain normal anti-inflammatory, vaso-protective and platelet activation responses in the circulatory system.

What’s different from all the other supplements?

A unique ingredient (feverfew herb) standardised so that the same chemicals of the herb are available in every pot you buy, unlike many other products where the quality varies from tub to tub.

For additional information please download this article published in Journal of Neuroendocrinology detailing data on this subject.